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Tyson Furstenberg

Tyson Furstenberg

Owner, President


Tyson C. Furstenberg, President and Owner of McCormack Construction Co. is the 5th President and 3rd owner of McCormack Construction over their long-standing time in business which started in 1937. After graduating from Blue Mountain Community College in their Civil Engineering Tech Program in 1994, Tyson started his construction career as a construction surveyor at several high-profile regional projects then later started with McCormack Construction in 2000 with the title of project engineer. Through his years at McCormack Construction Co., Tyson has worked his way through every job title up to his current position of President and sole Stockholder.  Today, Tyson still provides oversight on every aspect of his company, from business development to contract closeout. Every estimate is priced with and approved by Tyson before submission. Tyson conducts progress meetings with his project management teams on each project to ensure that McCormack Construction is fulfilling its client’s needs. Through his commitment to excellence and a dedication to professionalism, Tyson Furstenberg and McCormack Construction Co. have continued to exceed industry standards by forming strong professional partnerships based on integrity and reliability. These characteristics, along with a deep-rooted tie to Pendleton and surrounding communities, have enabled Tyson and his company to become one of the most recognized and respected names in Eastern Oregon contracting.

Over the years, Tyson has learned that this business is not so much about driving nails and placing concrete as it is about working with people to build relationships, which leads to the building of trust. It’s about communicating openly and honestly with clients, as well as team members and subcontractors. And it’s about putting egos aside to solve problems in a positive, professional manner. This has always been the McCormack approach and what you can expect whether you’re a client, subcontractor, supplier, or employee.

Tyson was born and raised in Pendleton. He serves on several local boards and committees and will become the new Pendleton Chamber of Commerce President in 2023. He feels that local involvement and support are very important, and when feasible gives back to the community that has given him so much over the years.


Some of Tyson’s passions include hunting outdoors or spending time with his wife Megan and their two kids, Reese and Reid.

At McCormack Construction, Tyson establishes short and long-term goals, business plans, presides over the workforce, manages budgets, ensures the proper allocation of resources, and ensures all departments meet their goals.

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