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About Us

The McCormack Mission

Our mission is to continuously work to improve the lives of our employees and families, the communities where we work, and the clients who utilize our services.

Creating trustworthy and lasting partnerships.

The McCormack Core Values

Be Respectful
  • Treat others the way you would truly want to be treated.

  • Focused conversation.

  • Come to the conversation prepared.

  • Put value on other people’s time.

Do The Right Thing
  • No hidden agenda

  • Transparency in actions and motives

  • Act and account yourself as if everyone is always watching.

  • Integrity

  • No amount of money is worth betraying your ability to be trusted. 

Can Do Attitude
  • Willing to put yourself out there with your best effort.

  • Be part of a team and embrace your role.

  • Help others when needed.

  • Bring your experience and TRY to make all efforts.

Open & Honest
  • Forthcoming

  • Believe in yourself enough to understand that everyone has weaknesses.

  • Be a willing and interested listener.

  • Say the thing that’s hard to say.

  • Be vulnerable - no one is perfect.

Our Team

McCormack Construction consists of construction experts who strive to build with the highest integrity and honor. Established in 1937, this company was founded by building loyal relationships and presenting a professional and dependable service, and we haven’t looked back since. We work with you at every step to ensure that the project runs smoothly and on schedule. We focus on constructing healthcare centers, retail centers, educational centers, and commercial buildings.

McCormack In The News

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Some Recent Articles

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